Extra Resources

Extra resources from Music Lesson Downloads

Whilst these books give a good structure to learning percusion most teachers and students also use other material. Here are some links to some extra drum scores and more modern resources to learn with along side these books from Music Lesson Downloads.

Extra Solo and Ensemble Percussion pieces are available here and at the moment an ensemble piece called 'Planet Blues' is currently free to download.

A selection of drum kit pieces and lots of drum kit scores are also available here.

Enesmble version of Jumpin' Xylo

There's now a backing track and example recording for the ensemble version of 'Jumpin Xylo'. It has a 6/8 african drumming backing and is great for a beginner percussion ensemble. Students can either read the parts from the notation or it can be taught by ear and memorised. This is ideal if you have a range of standards and instrumentalists in the ensemble.

Download the audio here Jumpin Xylo - Ensemble version