Here are the downloads for all the backing tracks from both book 1 & 2. Get used to practicing with and without the backing track as there are different skills involved in playing both ways. They are downloaded in a zip file, so you will will need to be able to unzip them. Most modern computers and tablets have this option but you may need an App or other software to do this. They're in mp3 format and also available to stream from our Youtube channel if you have difficulty with downloading.

Tracks for book 1 are of a slighty older type and only have the backing track with no example track to listen to whereas book 2 has a version to listen to with the instrument on as well as a backing for you to play along with.

Here's an example with the snare drum playing along to help you.

We encourage students to practice with them at home, teachers to use them in lessons and of course perform with them whenever possible in front of friends and family.

Zip files

Book 1 - All backing tracks 1 - 96

Book 2 - Snare Drum Module

Book 2 - Drum Kit Module

Book 2 - Tuned Module

Book 2 - Timpani Module

Click on a link to download

Please be aware that these are mp3 files inside a zip folder. To play these on a tablet you will need to unzip them using Winzip or a similar program. We recommend iZip for iPads and WinRAR for Android devices. If you have any problem when downloading please contact Ben

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