BooK 1

Book one has been a very successful beginners method for almost 20 years. In 2017 we slightly updated it to make it a little more modern and now in 2019 we've changed the cover. It starts at the very beginning and takes you firstly through the core rhtyhms in the snare drum section, and then through the drum kit, timpani and tuned percussion sections. 'Module 1' prepares you for taking grade 1 in either snare drum, drum kit, or tuned percussion and 'Module 2' introduces all the skills you'll need for grade 2.

At the back of the book there are some ensemble arrangements for percussion groups and class room pieces.

Finally, this book is supposed to be used alongside the amazing resources, tabs, scores, videos, demos and lessons that are easilly available on the internet these days. Find a good teacher and use all the oppotunies at your disposal to be the best musician that you can be.

Here are some example pages from book one. Each page is designed to be a lesson, with excercises containig new concepts, and pieces to practice and develop those skills.